In order for the television networks to produce quality child-friendly television programs offered to the general public, especially to Filipino children, the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) conducted series of dialogue with TV content creators attended by executive producers, directors, production unit heads, writers, and researchers of the two major networks in the Philippines --- GMA Network, Inc. and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation on October 13, 2017 and November 24, 2017 respectively.

As a policy-making government agency, NCCT is mandated to formulate set of standards for television programs shown during child-viewing hours and working closely with the television broadcast industry, specifically the content creators, helps in the adoption and implementation of said standards. Thus, NCCT initiated a program called Dialogue with Content Creators.


Dialogue with Content Creators is envisioned to be a venue for NCCT and content creators to discuss the adoption and implementation of NCCT’s “Child-Friendly Television (CFTV) Standards.” It is a forum where NCCT encourages producers, writers, and directors to invest on child-friendly TV content or at least incorporate story elements that will serve the best interest of children.

The content creators, both from GMA Network, Inc. and ABS-CBN Corporation shared their best practices in producing quality television shows and expressed their eagerness to support NCCT in producing and promoting CFTV programs.