TeleBibo: Media & Television Literacy Seminar-Workshop for Children


A nation of media and information literate Filipino Children who can contribute to the production of quality Children’s Television Program.


To promote TeleBibo, as a form of media, television, and information literacy seminar-workshop to all Filipino Children across diverse ethnolinguistic group, religion, gender, and socio-economic background.

Overall Learning Outcome: 

This media and information literacy project generally seeks to yield a nation of media and information literate Filipino Children by equipping them the skills to critically evaluate, analyze, and create new concepts of a Child-Friendly Television (CFTV) program that is intended for the Children’s’ holistic development.


Due to rapid technological advancement, information became accessible to almost everyone, including children.  Per Hillary Clinton, media has a powerful influence on our lives, especially in the development of children. It can shape young people’s beliefs and aspirations, their sense of self and understanding of the world around them.[1] By giving the Filipino Children a seminar-workshop that promotes media and information literacy awareness, we can empower the children by teaching them the necessary skills to analyze, evaluate, and even produce new media products that will forward and/or call for their rights and welfare.

Specific Objectives:

TeleBibo aims to yield the Filipino Nation with Media and Information Literate Children and that is only possible by gearing them the necessary skills that will help them to:

    1. recognize the value and use of media and the dynamics of the Philippine Television;
    2. know and understand the different media literacy concepts;
    3. critically evaluate and analyze different media products/materials; and
    4. create new concepts of a CFTV program that is appropriate and intended for their holistic development.

Target Audience: Grade 4-6 and/or Grade 7-10

Timeframe: 3 days (8 hours per day)