The National Council for Children's Television is composed of the Council, Secretariat and Advisory Committee.

Council Members

The Council is composed of five members who represent the following sectors: academe, broadcast media, child development specialists, parents, and child-focused non-government organizations (NGOs).

  • Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan NCCT ChairpersonChild Development Specialists Sector
  • Sally M. Lopez Broadcast Media Sector
  • Atty. Santiago T. Gabionza, Jr. Academe Sector
  • Atty. Leika P. San Juan Parents Sector
  • Sr. Ma. Victoria P. Sta. Ana, FMA Child-focused NGOs Sector

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee assists the Council in the formulation of national policies pertaining to children's broadcast programs.

    1. Council for the Welfare of Children
    2. National Commission for Culture and the Arts
    3. Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas
    4. Philippine Association for National Advertisers
    5. Philippine Information Agency
    6. Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
    7. National Telecommunications Commission

Supervising Administrator

NCCT has been transferred from the Office of the President to the Department of Education for the purposes of administrative supervision.


The Secretariat provides administrative and technical assistance in the implementation of the Council's programs, activities, and projects.

Office of the Executive Director
Desideria M. Atienza
Executive Director III
Secretary II - Vacant

Information and Communications Technology Section
Shiela D. Ocenar
Information Technology Officer I

Jeson C. Perez
Creative Arts Specialist

Information Officer - Vacant

Planning Section
Airan Patricia D. Bueno, RPm
Planning Officer II

Administrative and Finance Unit (AFU)

General Administrative Services Section
Vacant - Supervising Administrative Officer

Jupeter M. Dayalo
Administrative Officer II

Rodrigo S. Pacaldo
Administrative Aide IV

Renald C. de Guzman
Administrative Aide/Utility

Xernante A. Saludades

Human Resource Management Section
Lourdes Anne L. Manapat
Human Resource Management Officer III

Finance Section
Maria Teresita M. Cruz
Accountant III / OIC Supervising Administrative Officer

John Isaac A. Hilario
Budget Officer II

Roxanne P. Soriano

Supply and Procurement Section

Bids and Awards Committee:

Keith Darryl Don A. Baraero
Supply Officer II

Records Section

Mary Ann P. Cariño
Records Officer II

Programs, Policy, and Research Unit (PPRU)

Judy H. Galleta
Project Development Officer IV
Assistant Chief

Policy and Research Section
Mary Ann Lot B. Pejer
Project Development Officer II

Michelle C. Marqueses
Project Development Officer I

Media Monitoring Section
Child-Friendly Content Standards Compliance Monitoring:
Jimalor F. Velasco
Project Development Officer II

Carl Kenneth M. Amponin
Information Systems Researcher II

Reniel T. Gundran
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer

Engr. Renz Michael C. Garcia
Information Officer I

Program and Content Development Section National Endowment Fund for Children’s Television (NEFCTV):

Nhil Xavier C. Piñera
Project Development Officer II

Flor Katrina G. Capadusa
Project Development Officer I

Catherine Joy G. Mayuga
Project Development Officer I

Media Literacy Orientation Services Section

Hannah Kayreen M. Aliwate
Project Development Officer I

Vien Camille A. Villagarcia
Training Specialist I