The National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) was created by Republic Act No. 8370 called the Children’s Television Act of 1997. The NCCT ensures that all children in the Philippines will have access to quality television programs that are creative, informative, educational and entertaining, wherever they are, and in whatever circumstances they are in.

Pursuant to its mandate of formulating, together with the television broadcast industry specifically, the content creators, a set of standards for television programs shown during child- viewing hours and work closely with the adoption and implementation of the said standards.

A dialogue is envisioned to be a venue for the NCCT and the Content Creators to discuss pressing issues concerning children and media. The dialogue is in a form of a forum as NCCT encourages writers, producers, and directors to invest on child-friendly content or at least incorporate story elements that will serve the best interest of children. Through this project, NCCT may also determine possible policy recommendations on children and media.

The dialogue aims to produce child-friendly programs; understanding the advantages and disadvantages of television; recognizing the powerful impact of television on their physical, socio- emotional, cultural, and moral development; employing critical thinking in consuming media messages; and imparting their worldviews through the audiovisual medium.


  1. To build and strengthen networks among media practitioners
  2. To introduce NCCT and its prime mandates specifically, the CFTV standards
  3. To impart concrete information about the challenges relating to children’s behavior and its factors
  4. To incorporate child-friendly content and story elements that will serve best interest of children