In line with the celebration of the 123rd Philippine Independence Day, a new social media movement entitled #DamaKoLahiKo is launched by the office of House Representative Christopher V.P. De Venecia, Chairperson of the Special Committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts.

#DamaKoLahiKo is a campaign that seeks to “fan into flame the growing appreciation, celebration, and practical application of Filipino culture”.  According to the office of Cong. ‘Toff’ De Venecia, it was initiated by an evolving community of businesses, organizations, and individuals who have a deep appreciation of the very best the Filipinos can offer through the five senses: Paningin (sight), Pandinig (sound), Panlasa (taste), Pansalat (feel), and Pang-amoy (smell).

Although yet in its infancy, the #DamaKoLahiKo organizers are "excited to grow and expand this campaign into more fruitful ventures, with the endorsements taking place on June 12, 2021.  Filipinos online will be mobilized to show off the awe-inspiring vistas of our 7,000 plus islands, the relaxing tunes of a kulintang, the mouth-watering flavors of sisig or sapin-sapin, the unique textures of our indigenous weaves, or the friendly smells of our local panaderya, and more are coming together to showcase Filipino pride like never before".

The endeavor is in line with the thrust of the 18th Congress of the Philippines in the Arts, Culture and Creative Industries Bloc or ACCIB, to craft and approve significant policies that aim to develop and promote Philippine Arts, Culture, and Creative Industries, as well as to initiate collaborations among the various creative economy stakeholders.

The National Council for Children’s Television through its Executive Director Desideria Mance Atienza also enjoins the public “to support this worthy campaign”, noting the need for a revival of Filipino creative industries amid the economic challenges brought by the global pandemic.

Click this link to know more about this movement:#DamaKoLahiKo Intro Deck