NCCT is now accepting entries for DokyuBata 2022!


Understanding social media as a tool for information, communication, and technology is crucial in safeguarding the welfare of Filipino children. DokyuBata, in its 6th year, continues to be an avenue for children and Filipino families to participate in the realization of our country toward social awareness and coping with social change. NCCT’s DokyuBata call to action is to empower Filipino children through child-friendly documentaries.


Entries shall be child-friendly and may work around with, but not limited to topics related to the theme: “Sa Mundo ng Social Media, Ligtas Ka Ba?


DokyuBata theme shall focus on four (4) major areas namely: (a) Cyber Wellness, (b) Cyberbullying, (c) Digital Citizenship, and (d) Children’s Rights.

 All divisions (Children, Young Adult, and Adult) can participate and choose one issue from the identified subtopics. The subtopics listed below will serve as a guide for documentarists:

  1. Cyber Wellness
    • Understanding the cyber world and the impact on children as digital citizens.
    • Promotion of positive well-being amongst internet users, especially children.
    • Cyber wellness initiatives in the family and community.
    • Raising awareness on Gender Fair Language and Images to break stereotypes and create a safe online space for all genders.
  2. Cyber bullying
    • Relevant laws and practical help to counter cyberbullying.
    • Effects of cyberbullying on the social development of children.
    • Safeguarding children from cyberbullying.
    • Harmful environment in online gaming platforms
  3. Digital Citizenship
    • Internet access as a basic human right.
    • Accessibility of truthful and legitimate information.
    • Career paths and industries created by social media.
    • Impact on human interaction and communication.
    • Effect on literacy and language of children.
    • Cultural impact of digital shift to children.
    • Virtual peer pressure in terms of producing content, self-image, and self-esteem.
    • Digital law, rights and responsibilities.
    • Safety measures of distance learning
  4. Children’s Rights
    • The role of social media in promoting children’s rights.
    • Creating a safe online environment for children.
    • Child protection and children’s rights in the digital world.
    • Exposure of minors to social media
  1. The competition will accept submissions from July 4, 2022 to September 5, 2022. The deadline for the submission of entries is on September 5, 2022 at 11:59 P.M. There is no entry fee for submission.
  2. Accomplish the DokyuBata 2022 Online Entry Form and wait for the drive link to be sent by the DokyuBata Team.
  3. Entries and requirements may be uploaded to the link sent by the DokyuBata Team. Please follow these steps once you have access to the drive:
    • Create a Main Folder with this filename format: (DB2022Entry_Title of the Documentary_Production Team Name) Ex. DB2022Entry_Makabata_JuanDelaCruzProduction
    • Inside the Main Folder, create separate folders for the Documentary, Documents, and Production Photos.
  4. Each member of the production team, as well as the supervising adult, must submit a photocopy/scanned of any document of identification (e.g., valid ID, birth certificate, passport, barangay tax certificate/cedula, etc.)
  5. Each submission requires the following:
    • Accomplishment of the DokyuBata 2022 Online Entry Form.
    • Documentary entry. The video must be in avi, mov, or mp4 container.
    • Copy of accomplished DokyuBata 2022 Official Entry Form and Checklist/Release Form.
    • Proof of identification of the members and supervising adult of the production team.
    • Three to five photos documenting the actual production and editing of the entry. Please observe quarantine protocols.
  6. Receipt of submission and entries shall be acknowledged and notified via electronic mail.
  7. Only the production team members, cast, supervising adult, school, community, or organisation of shortlisted entries will be given a Certificate of Participation.
  8. For inquiries, contact NCCT DokyuBata Team at 0922-290-0067, or email at

Click the link below to download the attached forms and mechanics of the competition.

DokyuBata 2022 Online Entry Form

DokyuBata 2022 Contest Mechanics and Downloadable Forms