Endowment Fund for Children’s Television Program


Republic Act No. 8370

"Children's Television Act of 1997"


Section 12. The National Endowment Fund for Children's Television.

The creation of a National Endowment Fund for Children's Television, hereinafter referred to as the Fund, is created for the promotion of high standards of indigenous program development in children's television and media specifically intended for Filipino children. An amount of Thirty million pesos (P30,000,000) sourced from the income of the lotto operations of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and another Thirty million pesos (P30,000,000) from the gross income of the Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) shall form part of the Fund.


    a) The Fund shall be created for the purpose of developing and producing high quality television programs that are culturally-relevant and developmentally-appropriate for children.

    b) The Fund is intended to contribute to the development of media programs that contribute to Filipino children's awareness and appreciation for their cultural identity, national heritage and social issues that will in turn help them grow to be productive and nationalistic citizens.

    c) Access to the Fund shall be provided by the Council through a grant application process for qualified producers and organizations with proven track record in the production of high quality children's television programs. Necessary requirements are to be submitted to the Council for approval.

    d) Copyright for programs and products to be developed with assistance from the Fund will be jointly owned by the Council and the producers.

    e) Priority shall be given to independent producers and organizations or institutions including youth organizations who do not have access to the resources of a national network.

    f) The Council is authorized to accept grants, contributions or donations from private corporations and international donors for the National Endowment Fund for Children's Television: Provided, That such grants, contributions, or donations are exempted from donor's and donee's taxes: Provided, further, That these funds will be used strictly for the endowment fund.